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Development coalition hits airwaves in Boston mayoral race

By Sean Philip Cotter

A coalition of unions and developers is hitting the TV and radio airwaves with a half-million-dollar ad-buy to push the crop of mayoral candidates to follow their agenda.

The advertisements come from the Responsible Development Coalition, a new 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee that includes the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters union and various local developers and contractors, intends to “campaign to ensure responsible development remains a central issue in Boston’s mayoral race.”

The ads highlight a “pledge” they say all the candidates took that includes supporting unions and job-training initiatives and focusing on building more affordable housing. There’s no donor list available at this point of specifically where the money came from.

The ads will begin to air Wednesday, and run for 10 days. The group is then expected to pump more money into ads as the race moves forward.

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