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RDC Releases Survey on Major Economic Issues and Upcoming Elections

BOSTON – Today, the Responsible Development Coalition (RDC) released a survey of

over 850 voters across Massachusetts that tested a series of economic issues including

rent control, wage theft and housing affordability. The survey, conducted by MassINC

Polling Group was performed between August 5th and 9th shows that several proposals

are wildly popular with the public and should be acted upon by the legislature as soon

as possible.

Joe Byrne, the Chair of the Responsible Development Coalition, said, “It is clear that we

must be more aggressive in prosecuting wage theft. That starts with giving District

Attorney’s the appropriate tools and updated laws to prosecute offenders. The people

of Massachusetts also overwhelmingly agree that development and developers must be

done responsibly and with community feedback, living wages and environmental issues

accounted for.”

Byrne added, “People are tired of developers willing to cut corners to turn a higher

profit, while construction workers are taken advantage of, and community concerns are

ignored. The RDC will continue to highlight these issues and will be reaching out to the

legislature to urge them to take action.”

By the numbers:

The Cost of Living and Cost of Housing were listed as major concerns of all

respondents with 88% and 84% respectively.

With less than 3 weeks to go in the Democratic Primaries almost all statewide

candidates are largely unknown. This creates a significant opportunity for one or

more of them to make RDC issues a closing argument in their campaigns.

70% of respondents support making wage theft a felony that is easier to


63% of respondents support laws encouraging the use of union labor on publicly

funded building projects.

80% support responsible development practices.

78% support requiring responsible development practices on jobs that receive

public funding.

About the Responsible Development Coalition:

The Responsible Development Coalition recognizes that development, when done

properly, creates economic opportunity for ALL. We support equal pay, living wages,

apprenticeship programs, housing that people can afford, environmentally friendly

design, opportunity for underserved communities and robust community engagement.

​The Responsible Development Coalition will advocate that candidates for Mayor of

Boston (and beyond) pledge their support for responsible real estate development and

recognize that it is crucial to our future, our economy and collective quality of life.


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