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What we stand for:

We are a coalition of responsible developers, contractors and the Carpenters Union.


We believe that we can build a better future -- but we need to do it responsibly in order to protect our neighborhoods and create opportunity for everyone looking to live and work in Boston. We will fight on behalf of responsible development that:

  • Invests in beautification efforts such as planting trees, increases open space and parks, and helps to improve a community's general quality of life.

  • Guarantees that women earn equal pay compared to men in the same construction jobs.

  • Creates good-paying jobs here in Boston that pay a living wage and provides benefits like health care and pensions.

  • Will increase Boston's supply of housing and will ensure that people can afford to both live and work here.

  • Strengthens neighborhoods by collaborating with community members to improve building projects and by making direct contributions to neighborhood improvements.

  • Provides wage equality and inclusivity and creates good jobs for local residents that provide career pathways for women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, and transitioning veterans.

  • Creates opportunity by encouraging the use of high-quality union apprenticeship programs that place workers into the pipeline for good-paying jobs and gives them the skills needed to build a career in construction and a better life for their families.

  • Is committed to building environmentally friendly projects that use appropriate building materials, use less energy, and help reduce a community's carbon footprint.

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